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Welcome to Video On Demand (VOD) as provided by Serenergy! Here you'll find a variety of independent films produced by passionate filmmakers which you can stream at anytime on a for-pay basis. There are also films that can be streamed for free. This page contains films within the genre of family. It should be noted that films which reflect more than one genre may be listed multiple times. If you're a filmmaker and would like to join the artists whose work you see and wish to stream your film as well, please get in touch with us by completing our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Until then, happy viewing!


A Boy, A Girl And A Dead Cat: On the way to the prom, four students run over a cat and decide that they must bury the cat and give it a proper service first, and in so doing, a number of personal issues are resolved. Feature. 1999. Purchase & Rent.

A Day In The Life Of A Horse: A woman’s love and devotion for a three-hooved horse who suffered an unfortunate accident, forces her to decide whether it should have a crippled life outside the stall or no life at all. Short. 2024. Free.

Grandma, I Love You: Singer/Songwriter Starla Marie's music video, 'Grandma, I Love You,' is a heart tugging homage to her beloved grandmother. Music Video. 2019. Purchase.

Tis The Season - A Hawaiian Christmas Story: In Honolulu, Hawaii, while facing economic hardships, a little girl and her parents learn the real meaning of Christmas with the guidance of a magical lady who could be Mother Christmas. Feature. 1994. Free.

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