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Welcome to Video On Demand (VOD) as provided by Serenergy! Here you'll find a variety of independent films produced by passionate filmmakers which you can stream at anytime on a for-pay basis. There are also films that can be streamed for free. This page contains films within the genre of drama. It should be noted that films which reflect more than one genre may be listed multiple times. If you're a filmmaker and would like to join the artists whose work you see and wish to stream your film as well, please get in touch with us by completing our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Until then, happy viewing!


A Boy, A Girl And A Dead Cat: On the way to the prom, four students run over a cat and decide that they must bury the cat and give it a proper service first, and in so doing, a number of personal issues are resolved. Feature. 1999. Purchase & Rent.

A Breath To Survive: A woman unplugs from the corporate world and learns to find the art in her life. Feature. 2013. Purchase & Rent.

Before The After: Three roommates, two men and a woman, return home from planting bombs on a college campus in the early morning hours to destroy property to satisfy their own personal vendettas; but are horrified when one bomb explodes later in the day, killing people, which then leads to their own tragedy. Feature. 2018. Purchase & Rent.

Closing Costs: A woman discovers that the organs of patients who die in a hospital are being harvested by a mortuary before the bodies are cremated for the hospital president to sell on the black market. Feature. 2019. Free.

Covid Release: Five men completing prison terms for assault, rape, solicitation, and kidnapping, must receive a positive recommendation from a woman psychologist if they are to be paroled, and so they endure a brutal counseling session which forces them to confront their abusive ways. Feature. 2021. Purchase & Rent.

Natural Reaction: Enraged over the release of a serial killer who murdered and raped her sister, a woman baits the man to follow her on a hiking trail at night where she will exact her revenge. Feature. 2016. Purchase & Rent.

Parts Of The Same Circle: 11 storylines centering around the theme of death not being apart from life but rather an integral part of it interweave as people cope with the reality and meaning of death. Feature. 2012. ​Purchase & Rent.

So Close Shig: A widower’s grief masks his anxiety of wanting to kill the last of the 20 men who had slept with his wife, culminating an odyssey that began with his first murder – his wife – 20 years before. 2021. Purchase & Rent.

The Curse Of Witness Protection: A private investigator discovers that all the other actors of a movie trailer he was in 20 years ago have met with mysterious deaths in the last three months and he might be next. Feature. 2023. Free.

The Hidden Battle: Demons Felucia and Trammal, always thwarted by angels, Akriel and Baglis, offer a challenge to their arch-rivals to compete for the souls of mortals through a series of contests. Feature. 2006. Purchase & Rent.

The Landline Detective: A man organizing the family photos discovers a Polaroid shot of his old car on a certain day which confirms that his brother-in-law was not where he said he was on the night his wife was murdered, which prompts him to investigate whether the killer of his sister-in-law was her husband, by calling people on his landline telephone. Feature. 2020. Purchase & Rent.

Tiramisu On The Beach: A man and a woman, opposing attorneys in a sexual harassment lawsuit, meet on a beach to settle the case and engage in banter about the incompatibility of the male and female species. Feature. 2016. Purchase & Rent.

Tis The Season - A Hawaiian Christmas Story: In Honolulu, Hawaii, while facing economic hardships, a little girl and her parents learn the real meaning of Christmas with the guidance of a magical lady who could be Mother Christmas. Feature. 1994. Free.

Where Are We Going: Roxine, undergoing cancer surgery, is put under anesthesia where she awakens on a beach where a woman, tasked with taking her to the other side, listens to her pleas to remain in life. Short. 2023. Free.

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