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Welcome to Video On Demand (VOD) as provided by Serenergy! Here you'll find a variety of independent films produced by passionate filmmakers which you can stream at anytime on a for-pay basis. There are also films that can be streamed for free. This page contains films within the genre of comedy. It should be noted that films which reflect more than one genre may be listed multiple times. If you're a filmmaker and would like to join the artists whose work you see and wish to stream your film as well, please get in touch with us by completing our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Until then, happy viewing!


Juniper Lane: A neighborhood board meeting is thrown into chaos when young members of the community show up and speak out against the latest street light that is being proposed by senior citizen board, which they claim will only cause more traffic. Feature. 2017. Purchase & Rent.

Vent: Cast members in a play taking place in a hole-in-the wall community theatre, complain about the production, their roles, and each other, around a rooftop vent. Short. 2004. Free.

World Buffet: Low-level diplomat Wilhemina Nilly’s dream of staging the greatest food festival in the world goes awry when she leads a committee comprised of the misfits from other U.N. offices. Feature. 2019. Purchase & Rent.

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