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     Eric Nemoto            Dann Seki       Allan Okubo          Jim Tharp              Denny Hironaga

The name, Serenergy, was created as a blend of two words, serene and energy, and was first established as a movie production company in Hawaii by five men in 2010 (pictured above) to produce an independent film, Parts Of The Same Circle, which featured 11 stories woven together about the subject of death. Its theme centered around the notion that death should not be viewed as being apart from life, but rather embraced as an integral part of it. This word amalgam proved prophetic as it reflected the spirit of how the men worked together, which was needed as they tackled what they knew would be a daunting project. They were not disappointed. For given the multitude of varied scenes that needed to be filmed, the movie became an enormous challenge involving over 200 actors and 60 locations. But the men persevered and within the course of an entire year, 2011, completed what would become an epic, as a total of over 300 individuals would eventually contribute to the making of the movie in one form or another. Privately premiered to an audience of 1,000 in 2012, Parts Of The Same Circle was subsequently shown at the 2012 Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) and the 2013 Big Island Film Festival (BIFF), and is currently available on many other online movie platforms such as Amazon, Tubi, Plex, and others. A limited number of DVDs were also produced which included an extended directors cut. To help other filmmakers like themselves have a venue to display their creative work, Serenergy now exists as an online video on demand (VOD) platform accepting and making available movies, short films, and  videos of all types and genres.  All filmmakers interested  in streaming their work should contact Serenergy today!

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